ORE is working on producing and promoting mineral rich bean seeds to help resolve the micro-nutrient deficiencies that lead to malnutrition in Haiti.

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Mineral Rich Beans : Higher yields and noticeable health benefits

In collaboration with CIAT, an international research centre and participating in AGROSALUD, the regional bio-fortified food program, ORE has conducted trials of the new iron rich bean varieties. CIAT continues to work on a variety of ways to help small tropical producers cope with risk, specifically drought tolerance in beans and enhanced micronutrient content of staple crops. ORE has made a selection of the varieties that both perform best in the Haitian agricultural system and that they are culturally acceptable from the taste point of view and is producing mineral-rich beans seeds for farmers to plant.

Mineral deficiency can be reduced through bio-fortified staple foods

Mineral deficiency remains an important public health problem in Haiti. Micronutrient malnutrition can lower IQ, cause stunting and blindness in children, lower resistance to disease in both children and adults, and significantly increases risks for both mothers and infants during childbirth. The costs in terms of lives lost and reduced quality of life are overwhelming.

Beans are one of the most important crops in Haiti - so by introducing nutrient-rich varieties it is possible to bring mineral rich foods to the poorest sectors of the population.

Mineral-rich beans are making people feel stronger - a miracle crop

Micronutrient malnutrition is now recognized as one of the most serious health challenges facing the population of developing countries, particularly for resource-poor women and children.

The program aims to increase dietary availability, regular access and consumption of mineral-rich beans for at-risk and micronutrient-deficient groups. It involves the development of culturally acceptable, mineral rich grains and promoting their consumption.

ORE is determined to get getting micronutrient-rich varieties into the hands of growers. We are currently implementing a program to multiply seeds of the selected bean cultivars rich that are rich in these nutrients. ORE's seed production facilities are capable of producing hundreds of tons of seeds. In order to meet the initial cost of testing and seed production funding is required to expand the program to have a regional impact.

A look at mineral-rich beans

The new bean varieties have demonstrated yields 3-4 times higher than the nationwide average

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Bio-fortified foods can help save lives
Farmers earn more money from improved seeds and the population benefits from better health.
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